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Employees are a BIG deal; GREAT employees are hard to come by. At VYBO, employees are recognized for their hard work, dedication, having top notch talent, positive outputs/inputs with a great personality plays a vital part and results in great benefits.

VYBO Opportunities

VYBO is currently seeking positions in the following:

  • Administrative
  • Contracts
  • Electrical
  • Logistics
  • Nursing
  • Property
  • Information Technology
  • Supply
  • Human Resources
  • Water Purification Specialists


Please send resumes to

Pay & Benefits

  • Pay highly depends on location, number of hours and position.
  • VYBO offers employment worldwide.

VYBO is all about evolving as a team and becoming one of the leading government contracting companies. In order to accomplish this, we must encourage our employees to better themselves physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. Better Opportunities, Better Life!

  1. Education benefits

  2. Health Care benefits

  3. Wellness

  4. Holidays (7 paid holidays)

    New Year’s Day

    Martin Luther King Day

    Memorial Day

    Independence Day

    Labor Day

    Thanksgiving Day

    Christmas Day

    *******May defer depending on location of assignment.

  5. Leave (vary upon location)

    Personnel  serving  in  the  military  will  have  up to 10  working  days  of  paid time-off  for  annual  reserve/national  guard  training.